Psalm 88, the Gospel, and the Dark Night of the Soul


“Your most arduous weeping and groaning can be just as pleasing to God as your loudest praise.”

This week I’m posting for my church’s Apply the Word series. Below is a preview and a link to view the entire post.

If you’re not familiar with Psalm 88, it’s helpful to know it has been called the saddest psalm in the Psalter. It is the one psalm that does not include a happy note. It begins and ends with a sense of abandonment and isolation. Yesterday morning, Eric (one of the guys on my church’s preaching team) preached an excellent message from this psalm and applied it to the Christian’s experience of the dark night of the soul – a season in which genuine believers find all the comforts of their salvation removed, and they are struck with fear, agony of soul, and despair of God’s love. As Eric pointed out, this is a common experience among believers, and this psalmist helps us to prepare for and walk through it.

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